Sentence Examples

  • PRESTEIGN, a market town, urban district, and assize and county town of Radnorshire, Wales, situated on the Lug amidst beautiful scenery.
  • He was at home again in Oxford on the 9th of July, and on the 14th Keble preached at St Mary's an assize sermon on "National Apostasy," which Newman afterwards regarded as the inauguration of the Oxford Movement.
  • When the law of the 20th of April 1888 established trial by jury for most crimes and deticts, 49 audiencias criminales, one in each province, were created; these are a sort of assize held four times a year.
  • For his opposition in 1820 to a law by which any person might be arrested and detained on a warrant signed by three ministers, he was summoned before a court of assize, but acquitted.
  • ASSIZE OF NORTHAMPTON, a short code of English laws issued in 1176, is drawn up in the form of instructions to six committees of three judges each, which were to visit the six circuits into which England was divided for the purpose.

What's another word for assize?

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