Sentence Examples

  • "She wants her anonymity," Ethel Reagan repeated.
  • After all, Jackson was a member of the law enforcement community and perhaps he would be amenable to letting us retain our anonymity, realizing the greater benefit to goals.
  • We see, too, that it is only in the latest collection (books IV., V.) that anonymity is the rule, and titles, especially titles with names, occur only sporadically.
  • Owing, it is said, to a personal grudge, South in 16 9 3 published with transparent anonymity Animadversions on Dr Sherlock's Book, entitled a Vindication of the Holy and Ever Blessed Trinity, in which the views of William Sherlock were attacked with much sarcastic bitterness.
  • But in September 1799 under strong pressure from the Russian emperor Paul, the Danish government forbade anonymity, and introduced a limited censorship.

What's another word for anonymity?

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