Sentence Examples

  • "Bonjour, mon amour," she purred in response.
  • After her amour with Zeus, Electra fled to the Palladium as a suppliant, but Athena, enraged that it had been touched by one who was no longer a maiden, flung Electra and the image from heaven to earth, where it was found by Ilus, and taken by him to Ilium; according to another tradition, Electra herself took it to Ilium, and gave it to her son Dardanus (Schol.
  • With such sentiments, it is no wonder that he approved of the vigorous conduct of Francois Claude Amour, marquis de Bouille, at Nancy, which was the more to his credit as Bourne was the one hope of the court influences opposed to him.
  • In the oldest forms of the legend Hera is not mentioned; but afterwards the wanderings of Leto are ascribed to the jealousy of that goddess, enraged at her amour with Zeus.
  • By this enterprise, which his whole tradition imposed upon him, he reckoned to flatter the amour-propre of his subjects, and rally to him the liberals and even the republicans, with their passion for propagandism.