Sentence Examples

  • He then went out afresh to Hungary and was present at the battle of Mohacz.
  • But the new regime only kindled afresh his republican zeal, and his second marriage (with Mlle Adele Malairet, a lady of some literary capacity, and of republican belongings) seems to have further stimulated his powers.
  • When war broke out afresh with Thebes the king twice invaded Boeotia (37 8, 377), and it was on his advice that Cleombrotus was ordered to march against.
  • In January 1900 the Persian government, in order to pay the arrears and start afresh with a clear balance-sheet, contracted a loan through the Banque des Prts de Perse, a Russian institution connected with the Russian state bank, and established in 1890.
  • 15-21), 7 and this starts him afresh upon a trenchant expostulation and appeal (iii.

What's another word for afresh?

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