Sentence Examples

  • Upon the advent of the Left to power, however, he accepted both gift and pension, and worked energetically upon the scheme for the Tiber embankment to prevent the flooding of Rome.
  • It was once a flourishing town, but its quietness now is only disturbed by the advent of the numerous tourists who visit it in the summer, crossing hence to the island of Marken.
  • Among the marvellous changes wrought in Argentina by the advent of European civilization, is the creation of a new flora by the introduction of useful trees and plants from every part of the world.
  • Some of the volcanoes of the western districts of Victoria have been in eruption probably subsequent to the advent of the black-fellow.
  • The surrender of Trim, Dundalk and Ross followed, but at Waterford Cromwell met with a stubborn resistance and the advent of winter obliged him to raise the siege.

What's another word for Advent?

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