Sentence Examples

  • It is known as Kairaku-yen-yaki (ware of the Kairaku park).
  • Yen E nas. ?.?° eve/ UoritlaJ `oC t?¢ ?
  • He was succeeded, possibly after an interval, by Ooemokadphises (Himakapisa or Yen-kao-tsin-tai), who completed the annexation of N.
  • During the early part of the 12th century the Chinese recaptured it and reduced it from the rank of a metropolis to that of a provincial city of the first grade, and called it Yen-shan Fu.
  • Among the most noteworthy workers at the problems involved in the question of the influence of soil in the production of disease we find yen Foder, Pettenkofer, Levy, Fleck, von Naegeli, Schleesing, Muntz and Warrington.

What's another word for yen?

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