Sentence Examples

  • The horned cattle include the humped oxen and buffaloes of India, and the yak of Tibet.
  • But even these are inferior to the wild yak, which stands nearly 6 ft.
  • Here are to be found yak, wild asses (kyang), several varieties of deer, musk deer and Tibetan antelope (Pantholops); also wild sheep (the bharal of the Himalaya), Ovis hodgsoni and possibly Ovis poli, together with wild goats, bears (in large numbers in the north-eastern districts), leopards, otter, wolves, wild cats, foxes, marmots, squirrels, monkeys and wild dogs.
  • A hybrid between the yak and Indian cattle, called zo, is commonly reared in Tibet and the Himalaya.
  • Very close to this group, if indeed really separable, is the Tibetan yak, forming by itself the sub-genus Poephagus.

What's another word for yak?

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