Sentence Examples

  • To a youth and womanhood of storm and stress had succeeded an old age of serene activity and then of calm decay.
  • As she grew to womanhood she became inclined to silence, and spent much of her time in solitude and prayer.
  • For many years the island was inhabited by greybeards and children; the young men and women of all classes, so soon as they had reached manhood and womanhood, crossed Bass Strait, and entered upon the wider life and the more brilliant prospects which first Victoria, and subsequently New South Wales and Queensland, afforded them.
  • A strong type of womanhood is revealed in the correspondence of St Boniface with various Saxon Benedictine nuns, some in England and some who accompanied him to the continent and there established great convents.
  • Slight as the story is, it is worked out into one of the most affecting poems in the language, and gives to literature one of its most perfect types of womanhood and of "affection that hopes and endures and is patient."