Sentence Examples

  • The smith laments that all his property is of no value now that his watchman is slain, whereupon the young hero offers to guard his domains until a whelp of the hound's has grown.
  • When Henry Smith was just two years old his father died, whereupon his mother left Ireland for England.
  • But Stephen marched north with a great army, whereupon David made peace.
  • Fischer has proposed formulae for the important disaccharoses, and in conjunction with Armstrong devised a method for determining how the molecule was built up, by forming the osone of the sugar and hydrolysing, whereupon the hexosone obtained indicates the aldose part of the molecule.
  • The king said in a threatening tone, "Then we shall sound our trumpets," whereupon Capponi tore up the document in his face and replied, "And we shall ring our bells."

What's another word for whereupon?

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