Sentence Examples

  • Several children not born in wedlock have been traced in the records, but none of them became in any way famous.
  • Of male heirs to the crownfor after many years of wedlock with Catherine of Aragon Henrys sole issue was one sickly daughterhe had been foolish enough to remark that if anything should happen to the king he himself was close in succession to the crown.
  • This wedlock would have led to a permanent union of the English and Scottish crowns, but not to an absorption of the lesser in the greater state, for the rights of Scotland were carefully guarded in the marriage-treaty.
  • He had no other child born in wedlock save a daughter, Matilda, who married the emperor Henry V., but had no issue by him.
  • In the later battle of Kossovo of 14 4 8, between the Hungarians, led by Hunyadi Janos and the sultan Hungary Murad II., the Walachian contingent treacherously surrendered to the Turks; but this did not hinder the prevalent laxity of marriage, the frequency of divorce, and the fact that illegitimate children could succeed as well as those born in lawful wedlock, by multiplying the candidates for the voivodeship and preventing any regular system of succession, contributed much to the internal confusion of the country.

What's another word for wedlock?

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