Sentence Examples

  • Hot Wheels Snore Slammer Alarm Clock Radio: For tired little boys who need an energetic wake-up call, the Hot Wheels clock provides custom snore slammer sounds or radio music alarms.
  • Peaceful Progression Wake-Up Clock - This clock uses not only the simulation of natural sunlight, and sounds of morning, but also uses scent to wake you gradually and thoroughly.
  • Peppermint - Along with eucalyptus, this eye-opening fragrance stimulates the senses, clears out the sinuses and provides a serious wake-up call on those early mornings.
  • Key features include a calendar, to-do list, wake-up call, alarm, notepad, unit converter and stopwatch, as well as voice functions.
  • Wild Planet offers an alarm clock where you can record your voice or any other sound as a wake-up call.