Sentence Examples

  • There are undrained, swampy districts in Campeche, in the vicinity of the Terminos Lagoon, where malarial diseases are prevalent, and the same conditions prevail along the coast where mangrove swamps are found.
  • In the vicinity of Farnham it contains a bed of "coprolites" of considerable extent and 2 to 15 ft.
  • He discovered a fact subsequently rediscovered by others, that a tube of metallic filings, loosely packed, was sensitive to electric sparks made in its vicinity, its electrical resistance being reduced, and he was able to detect effects on such a tube connected to a battery and telephone at a distance of 500 yds.'
  • Represent a Judah composed mainly of groups which had moved up from the south (Hebron) to the vicinity of Jerusalem.
  • From the valley of the Humboldt river southward the plateau gradually rises until the divide between this stream and the Colorado river, in the vicinity of the White Pine Mountains, is reached.

What's another word for vicinity?

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