Sentence Examples

  • She accepted the whip and made another unsuccessful swing.
  • Howe next served in the West Indies in the "Burford," and was present in her when she was very severely damaged in the unsuccessful attack on La Guayra on the 18th of February 1742.
  • There was another outbreak in 1831 and frequent disorders down to 1848, when they culminated in another unsuccessful revolution.
  • He made two unsuccessful ventures in journalism, and in 1857 went to Central America, where he acquired material for another series of lectures.
  • After unsuccessful attempts to rid themselves of the mice, the farmers appealed to the United States Biological Survey, and alfalfa hay poisoned with strychnia sulphate was used successfully in the Humboldt Valley in January 1908 and in the Carson Valley, where a similar plague threatened, in April 1908.5 Minerals.

What's another word for unsuccessful?

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