Sentence Examples

  • Two unmarked State cars were parked in front of Bird Song, along with, to Dean's surprise, Edith's rental car and Donald Ryland's Explorer.
  • The buildings erected by Abdur Rahman were pretentious, but unmarked by any originality in design and hardly worthy representation of the beauty and dignity of Mahommedan architecture.
  • And the corresponding axes parallel, then by changing the signs of x x, y, the values x',17; x', y' must likewise change their sign, but retain their arithmetical values; this means that the series are restricted to odd powers of the unmarked variables.
  • The south-east frontier of France in a series of campaigns which, unmarked by any decisive battle, were yet models of the art of war as practised at the time.
  • ± 0.6; by 9 unmarked pottery measures (30) 29.1 ± 0.16, and divided by 20; by 18 vases, supposed multiples of hon (1), 32.1 ± 0.2.

What's another word for unmarked?

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