Sentence Examples

  • If, however, as is the view of some of Fick's followers, the transposition took place several centuries earlier, before species of literature had appropriated particular dialects, then the linguistic facts upon which Fick relied to distinguish the " Aeolic " and " Ionic " elements in Homer disappear.
  • There is an apparently arbitrary transposition of lines and columns; the result would hold good if on the left-hand side we had written (a, (3, y), (a', 13', y'), (a", (3", y"), or what is the same thing, if on the right-hand side we had transposed the second determinant; and either of these changes would, it might be thought, increase the elegance of the form, but, for a reason which need not be explained,' the form actually adopted is the preferable one.
  • Israel or distinguished Israelites, the root being the same as in Jeshurun; (2) that Jashar (" lc) is a transposition of shir C, song); (3) that it should be pointed Yashir (W, sing; cf.
  • Hence the transposition of columns merely changes the sign of the determinant.
  • Similarly it is shown that the transposition of any two columns or of any two rows merely changes the sign of the determinant.

What's another word for transposition?

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