Sentence Examples

  • Among other manufactures are hosiery and knit goods, overalls and suspenders, hardware, lumber, oils and varnishes, gasoline fire engines, mica insulators, agricultural implements, and wagons and carriages.
  • A little bell jingled in the empty office as Dean entered and an unshaven man in his sixties took his time sauntering out from behind a curtain, hoisting up his suspenders as he moved behind the desk.
  • Among its products are cotton goods, especially mercerised goods, for the manufacture of which it has one of the largest plants in the country; rubber, thread, elastic fabrics, suspenders and buttons.
  • Aurora is an important manufacturing centre; among its manufactures are railway cars - the shops of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railway being 927 here - flour and cotton, carriages, hardware specialties, corsets, suspenders, stoves and silver-plate.