Sentence Examples

  • The stoical Russell Cade was stammering around like a school boy.
  • He succeeded more nearly than any of his predecessors in expressing or suggesting ideas and emotions which might have been supposed to be capable of translation only in terms of music. " The unconscious self, or rather the sub-conscious self," says Emile Verhaeren, " recognized in the verse and prose of Maeterlinck its language or rather its stammering attempt at language."
  • Each country began to.lead its own separate existence, stammering its own tongue; the different nations no longer understood one another, and no longer had any general ideas in common.
  • "Dear Brothers," he began, blushing and stammering, with a written speech in his hand, "it is not sufficient to observe our mysteries in the seclusion of our lodge--we must act--act!
  • Her stammering made it obvious she'd taken at least some of the calls.