Sentence Examples

  • The stoical Russell Cade was stammering around like a school boy.
  • Her stammering made it obvious she'd taken at least some of the calls.
  • "Yes, and the assailant too," I shook his hand and tried to calm my voice so I didn't sound like stammering fool, "He's a serial killer.
  • This repetition of the initial letter does not appear to have been due to his stammering but to have been a mere emphasis on the word.
  • From an imaginary old Saxon word beggen, " to beg" or "pray," an explanation adopted even by Mosheim, or from begue, " stammering," a French word of unknown origin, which only brings us back to Lambert again, whose name of Le Begue, as the chronicler Aegidius, a monk of Orval (Aureae Vallis), tells us, simply means "the stammerer," quia balbus erat (Gesta pontificum Leodiensium, c. A.D.

What's another word for stammering?

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