Sentence Examples

  • The first class includes the isabelline bear, badger, pole-cat, ermine, roe and fallow deer, wild ass, Syrian squirrel, pouched marmoset, gerbill and leopard.
  • The back of the Russian squirrel has an even close fur varying from a clear bluish-grey to a reddishbrown, the bellies in the former being of a flat quality and white, in the latter yellowish.
  • In Weissenfels, near Leipzig, the dressing of Russian grey squirrel and the making it into linings is a gigantic industry, and is the principal support of the place.
  • Zenkeri (figured in the article Flying-Squirrel), is a mouse-like form, with very small ears and an extremely long tail.
  • - Zenker's Scaly-tailed Squirrel of the lower jaw is twisted (Zenkerella insignis).

What's another word for squirrel?

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