Sentence Examples

  • The induction may therefore be specified as B lines per square centimetre.
  • This was done by contract, which usually specified what the parent had to leave and what maintenance was expected.
  • He may only stand for one, and all votes given for him in any other than that specified in the declaration are void.
  • It forbade the granting of passes except to certain specified classes, - a provision entirely absent from the original measure.
  • The small magnet may be a sphere rigidly magnetized in the direction of Ho; if this is replaced by an isotropic sphere inductively magnetized by the field, then, for a displacement so small that the magnetization of the sphere may be regarded as unchanged, we shall have dW = - vIdHo = v I+-, whence W = - 2 I + H2 ° (37) The mechanical force acting on the sphere in the direction of displacement x is 1 Hopkinson specified the retentiveness by the numerical value of the " residual induction " (=47rI).