Sentence Examples

  • When a subscriber called (by turning the handle of his magneto- 'generator), the shutter of the annunciator associated with his line dropped.
  • The size of the discharge aperture can be varied by means of a flexible wooden shutter sliding in a groove in a cast iron plate, curved to the slope of the casing.
  • 2) represent a :small hole in the shutter of a darkened room, and OS a narrow beam of sunlight which is allowed to fall on a white screen so as to form an image of the sun at S.
  • - Shutter Weir with Foot-bridge, Port a l'Anglais, Upper Seine.
  • Sometimes it is a loosely-fitting shutter or windowframe, a hanging drawer-handle, or a lamp-shade which will rattle; the timbers in a roof may creak, or a group of wine-glasses with their rims in contact may chatter.