Sentence Examples

  • One female figure moved forward, wrapping a shawl around Evelyn's shoulders and placing a translator on her ear.
  • In 1890 General Maclean, the British consul-general, reported that there were 650 silk, 40 carpet and 320 shawl looms at work.
  • The carpet-looms at work now number several hundreds, while looms of silk and shawl number less than half what they did in 1890.
  • II), and the same principle recurs in modern usage, where the tunic will be supplemented by a veil or shawl which (generally bound to the head by a band) frames the face and falls back to the waist.
  • - The female dress of the Etruscans did not differ in any important respect from that of the Greeks; it consisted of the chiton and himation, which was in earlier times usually worn as a shawl, not after the fashion of the Doric7r7rXos.

What's another word for shawl?

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