Sentence Examples

  • Whether you learn the scarier versions or the more sanitized version, the powerful images of the girl wearing a red hood - and usually a cape - confronting a wolf dressed in her grandmother's clothing are indelible.
  • These self contained units break down and dehydrate human waste to a compost product that can be added to the soil, sanitized and compacted by the drying and composting process.
  • For the best results, your grinder should be cleaned in this manner before the first time you use it to guarantee a clean and sanitized environment for your herbs.
  • While waiting in line to see Santa, do not let children touch or play with ropes, poles, or other queue markers or decorations that may not be properly sanitized.
  • Helmets will have more than just a fresh coat of paint-they'll be cleaned and sanitized in the reconditioning process-so it's safe to purchase used helmets.