Sentence Examples

  • Organic Farming Methods: Agriculture industries have moved over to organic methods of growing plants and raising livestock in order to reduce the amount of chemicals contaminating water from agricultural runoff.
  • Organic farming and manufacturing produces less harmful runoff and leaves a smaller ecological footprint on nature, animals, and even people, which is an investment into our future that cannot be taken lightly.
  • Choosing foods produced with less chemicals and hormones could have positive health consequences and may also prevent dangerous runoff in the environment which affects both plant and animal life.
  • Every day we use that money to pay for crews to travel to polluted regions of the waterway to remove litter, saw apart large natural debris and work to prevent soil runoff and erosion.
  • With a precarious economy and concerns about food-borne diseases and the runoff from factory farms on the rise, everything old is new again and this includes raising backyard chickens.