Sentence Examples

  • If you are ordering for a whole team, make sure that a complete name roster with sizes is available so that the name of the team members can be matched to the size of jersey before silk screening is performed at the vendor.
  • It truly is an epic tale, arguably one of the best in Final Fantasy history, and the roster of characters is so well fleshed out that they make many of today's supporting cast members seem downright lifeless in comparison.
  • Luminess Air was developed by an impressive roster of makeup artists, cosmetic chemists and colorists and offers two different consumer foundation kits so you can be sure to find one that suits your makeup needs.
  • The roster of enemies has been updated as well with plenty of new baddies, including a ferocious looking green imp called the Vulgar and another monster that's an enhanced version of the original Hell Knight.
  • It not only includes information about the game, injuries, and roster moves, but also includes a page dedicated to the "police blotter," including all the arrests and trials of present and former Steelers.