Sentence Examples

  • Esarhaddon began to rebuild Babylon and so departed from his father's purpose to make Nineveh the metropolis of the empire, but he did not altogether neglect the city.
  • In the Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes, the authors repeat an estimate of a cost of one trillion U.S. dollars to rebuild Tokyo if it were hit by a major earthquake.
  • When it was destroyed by fire in 1885 he collected £2 5,000 to rebuild it; the remainder of the necessary £40,000 being given by the government (f io,000) and by the people of Aberystwyth (5000).
  • We have no information regarding Jerusalem during the period of the captivity, but fortunately Nehemiah, who was permitted to return and rebuild the defences about 445 B.C., has given a fairly clear description of the line of the wall which enables us to obtain a good idea of the extent of the city at this period.
  • The name of the town was Idsall when in 1591 a fund was raised by royal favour in Shropshire and neighbouring counties in order to rebuild it after a serious fire.

What's another word for rebuild?

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