Sentence Examples

  • Yes. He said he was sorry but he and Martha said they had to call it quits and he was going back to be with his wife and child.
  • The average elevation above the sea-level is 1640 ft.; the lowest point is at Bottingen (410 ft.), where the Neckar quits the country; the highest is the Katzenkopf (3775 ft.), on the Hornisgrinde, on the western border.
  • The knave, double or quits... it can't be!...
  • The gorged and fertilized female quits her hold of the host, and falling to the ground, proceeds after a short delay to lay her eggs in some sheltered spot.
  • To the south of Minden is the so-called "Porta Westfalica," a narrow defile by which the Weser quits the mountains.

What's another word for quits?

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