Sentence Examples

  • Yes. He said he was sorry but he and Martha said they had to call it quits and he was going back to be with his wife and child.
  • The average elevation above the sea-level is 1640 ft.; the lowest point is at Bottingen (410 ft.), where the Neckar quits the country; the highest is the Katzenkopf (3775 ft.), on the Hornisgrinde, on the western border.
  • The knave, double or quits... it can't be!...
  • Jeffrey Byrne's wife was in far better physical shape than she had let on, and the pair managed 20 miles before finally calling it quits, not because she was tired, but because, as she said, her what-sis was so sore.
  • Taking a northerly course, it quits the mountains at Immenstadt, and, flowing by Kempten, from which point it is navigable for rafts, forms for some distance the boundary between Bavaria and Wurttemberg, and eventually strikes the Danube (right bank) just above Ulm.