Sentence Examples

  • He had published in 5539 his Kriegbi chlein des Friedens (pseudonymous), his Schrifftliche and ganz gri ndliche Auslegung des 64 Psalms, and his Das verbiitschierte mit sieben Siegeln verschlossene Buck (a biblical index, exhibiting the dissonance of Scripture); in 1541 his Spruchworter (a collection of proverbs, several times reprinted with variations); in 1542 a new edition of his Paradoxa; and some smaller works.
  • During the 19th century, the hesitation about Colossians led to the rejection of Philemon by some critics as a pseudonymous little pamphlet on the slave question - an aberration of literary criticism (reproduced in Ency.
  • This pessimism and want of faith limited and defined the form in which religious enthusiasm should manifest itself, and prescribed as a condition of successful effort the adoption of pseudonymous authorship. The apocalyptic writer, therefore, professedly addressed his book to future generations.
  • From this standpoint it may be argued that every apocalypse is in a certain sense pseudonymous; for the materials are not the writer's own, but have come down to him as a sacred deposit - full of meaning for the seeing eye and the understanding heart.
  • All the Jewish apocalypses are pseudonymous, and all the Christian with the exception of the Shepherd of Hermas.

What's another word for pseudonymous?

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