Sentence Examples

  • All the Jewish apocalypses are pseudonymous, and all the Christian with the exception of the Shepherd of Hermas.
  • The chief ground for resorting to pseudonymous authorship in Judaism was that the belief in prophecy was lost among the people.
  • Moreover, the chief ground for the development of a pseudonymous literature was absent in the early Christian church.
  • It seems on the whole most probable that 2 Peter is not a genuine work, but that it came from the same factory of pseudonymous Petrine writings as the Apocalypse which bears the same name, though the one has, and the other has not, obtained a place within the Canon.
  • An adequate monograph on ancient pseudonymous literature remains to be written; meantime, further reference may be made to the older essays of Mosheim (Dissertatio de caussis suppositorum librorum inter Christianos saeculi primi et secundi, 1 733); Bentley's Dissertation on Phalaris, pp. 80 seq.; K.