Sentence Examples

  • 46, 98) draws a life-like picture of the ancient prophetess "speaking with tongues."
  • Each community is presided over by an " angel," or prophet, and a prophetess, whose word is law.
  • The like epithet of " mother " applied to the prophetess Deborah, Judges v.
  • High, where Norna, the prophetess of Sir Walter Scott's Pirate, was supposed to have her abode and which the Norsemen called the White Mountain, in allusion to the colour of the clay slate composing it; and the Noup and Herma Ness, two of the most northerly points in Unst.
  • But we are not told whether the prophetess who wore bands on her arm and drew a mantle over her head (so read in Ezek.

What's another word for prophetess?

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