Sentence Examples

  • At this college is the missionary printing-press of the Roman Church, and its library contains an unrivalled collection of literary treasures bearing on the work.
  • In 1477 Caxton brought out this book, as Dictes and Sayengis of the Philosophers, and it is illustrious as the first production of an English printing-press.
  • Of France, who assigned an annual stipend of two thousand livres to the editor during its publication, and placed at his disposal the royal printing-press.
  • In 1602 James Sienynski established at Rakow a college and a printing-press, from which the Racovian Catechism was issued in 1605.
  • The arsenal and dockyard and the printing-press at Khartum were kept busy (the workmen being Egyptians who had escaped massacre).