Sentence Examples

  • But the efficiency of this preventive stops short at the point of saving human life.
  • Du Cane, Punishment and Prevention of Crime (1885); Braco, Estudos penitenciarios e criminaes (Lisbon, 1888); Garofalo, Studio sul delitto, sulle sui cause e sui mezzi di repressione (1890); Adolphe Guillot, Les Prisons de Paris (1890); Tallack, Preventive and Penological Principles (1896); Salillas, Vida penal en Espana (Madrid).
  • At the first hint of below freezing weather, Howie was on the job, covering everything and reading up on all preventive measures known to man.
  • The first disease investigated by Pasteur was that of chicken cholera, an epidemic which destroyed io% of the French fowls; after the application of the preventive method the death-rate was reduced to below i %.
  • This oil generally acts as an excellent preventive of this and other insect attacks.