Sentence Examples

  • From his haunting acoustic material as heard on the albums Harvest and Harvest Moon to his garage rock powerhouse band Crazy Horse, Neil Young has been following his own inspired musical compass for the better part of four decades.
  • The question of who plays Julia on As the World Turns seems simple on the surface, but the two powerhouse actresses to portray these two different Julias left their mark on ATWT, in particular on the relationship of Carly and Jack Snyder.
  • In 1979, China instituted a number of economic reforms that transformed the country from an ineffectual developing country whose economic structure was inefficient and largely agricultural-based to a relative industrialized powerhouse.
  • Released in October 1993, this sytem made use of CD-ROM media, offering much more storage capacity than the then-current Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but could it keep up with the powerhouse PlayStation the following year?
  • Centering: The focus through all Pilates movements, whether you're working the thighs or any other part of the body, is the core, or what Pilates called the "powerhouse" of the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks.