Sentence Examples

  • He wondered if she felt as possessive of her art as he did his music.
  • She yielded, fitting against him in a way that made him more possessive of her petite frame and fiery spirit.
  • The possessive pronoun follows the object.
  • From them are developed a weak demonstrative to which possessive suffixes can be attached, producing the definite and possessive articles (p, t~, n, the, py-f, his, py-s her, &c.) of Middle Egyptian and the later languageS
  • Thus, in Fijian the word luve means either a son or a daughter - one s own child, and it takes the possessive pronoun suffixed, as luvena; but the word ngone, a child, but not necessarily one's own child, takes the possessive pronoun before it, as nona ngone, his child, i.e.

What's another word for possessive?

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