Sentence Examples

  • For their government the settlers adopted (1639) a plantation covenant.
  • Each year should therefore show an increase in the production of plantation rubber.
  • The colonial historical classics are William Bradford, History of Plimoth Plantation (pub.
  • The buildings include the residence of the administrator, barracks, a government school for natives, a mosque and Hindu temple, and the establishment of the Mission du Sacre Caur, which possesses a large plantation of coco-nut palms. Bagamoyo is in telegraphic communication with Zanzibar and with the other coast towns of German East Africa, and has regular steamship communication with Zanzibar.
  • Under the system of slave labour which existed before 1860, the average size of the plantations tended to increase, but since 1860 the reverse has been true, the average plantation in 1860 being 346 acres, and in 1900 92.7 acres.