Sentence Examples

  • If you're dealing with an Aquarius and want to avoid this possible pitfall, try to keep your discussion light and informative, and focus on exchanging points of view rather than bringing emotions into the situation.
  • A potential pitfall is planning a display that involves far fewer or far more cupcakes than you actually have; to prevent that from happening, sketch out a rough design that includes a place for each cupcake.
  • Although you can find great deals online, the cut of some of these suits may feel a bit uncomfortable after wearing for a while; you'll want to make sure the suit you choose avoids this pitfall.
  • The other pitfall is simply that since the games have been very popular, many sites use the heading of "virtual dating game" as a trap for malware and viruses on your computer.
  • By predicting what will happen next, you can assure yourself big groups of same-colored blocks while avoiding the pitfall of having one odd block out for the rest of the game.

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