Sentence Examples

  • Feudalism had a phraseology to express the varieties of fiefs which existed under it; modern international law has no generally-accepted terminology for the still greater variety of states which now exist.
  • COMITIA, the name applied, always in technical and generally in popular phraseology, to the most formal types of gathering of the sovereign people in ancient Rome.
  • Even if the common beliefs of the apostolic age have not modified the evangelist's reports of Jesus' teaching, it must be remembered that He used the common prophetic phraseology, the literal fulfilment of which is not to be looked for.
  • They have been passed though one editorial mind, and some mutual assimilation in phraseology and idea may well have resulted.
  • 2 The points of contact between the phraseology in the Gospel of John and the early Midrashim are especially interesting.'

What's another word for phraseology?

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