Sentence Examples

  • COMITIA, the name applied, always in technical and generally in popular phraseology, to the most formal types of gathering of the sovereign people in ancient Rome.
  • Feudalism had a phraseology to express the varieties of fiefs which existed under it; modern international law has no generally-accepted terminology for the still greater variety of states which now exist.
  • 2 The points of contact between the phraseology in the Gospel of John and the early Midrashim are especially interesting.'
  • They have been passed though one editorial mind, and some mutual assimilation in phraseology and idea may well have resulted.
  • The wide diffusion of Stoic phraseology and Stoic modes of thought may be seen on all hands - in the language of the New Testament writers, in the compendious " histories of philosophy " industriously circulated by a host of writers about this time (ccf.

What's another word for phraseology?

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