Sentence Examples

  • Christianity had already begun to percolate Hungary.
  • It is on the windward faces of the highest ground, or just beyond the summit of less dominant heights upon the leeward side, that most rain falls, and all that does not evaporate or percolate into the ground is conducted back to the sea by a route which depends only on the form of the land.
  • So far as the water-supply is concerned - and this is what ultimately determines the yield of crops - the rain which falls upon the soil should be made to enter it and percolate rapidly through its interstices.
  • A deep stratum through which water can percolate, but in which it can never stagnate, is therefore necessary.
  • They are odourless and tasteless, and some yield clear aqueous solutions - the real gums - while others swell up and will not percolate filter paper - the vegetable mucilages.