Sentence Examples

  • Grote and others hold that six thousand had to be given against one person before he was ostracized, but it seems unlikely that the attendance at the Ecclesia ever admitted of so large a vote against one man, and the view is contradicted by Plut.
  • The ostracized person was compelled to leave Athens for ten years, but he was nOt regarded as a traitor or criminal.
  • This step, which caused him to be ostracized for a time from the Boston circles in which he had been reared, brought him the cases of the fugitive slaves, Shadrach, Sims and Burns, and of the rescuers of Shadrach.
  • List of ostracized persons, the first of whom was a certain Hipparchus of the Peisistratid family (488 B.C.).
  • A " Scouts " Church was formed at the end of the war of1899-1902by burghers who had previously acted as " National Scouts " and were ostracized by the synods of their former Churches.