Sentence Examples

  • To kill some time I telephoned Ethel Reagan, ostensibly to thank her.
  • "No one out here but the cook," he answered as Paul reached for the bottle, ostensibly to look at the label.
  • But Gladys was delighted and after a night, ostensibly in adjoining rooms, the pair were off, with giggles and tears and a proud pronouncement that Arlen had agreed to present all seven volumes of Belfair and her galactic cohorts to the waiting world of letters—in paperback form.
  • Mid-morning, Fred O'Connor came by, ostensibly out for a stroll, casually asking for the list of newspaper subscribers.
  • Ostensibly a solemn revenge for the burning of Greek temples by Xerxes, it has been justified as a symbolical act calculated to impress usefully the imagination of the East, and condemned as a senseless and vainglorious work of destruction.

What's another word for ostensibly?

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