Sentence Examples

  • Wide areas, giving rise to oceanic depressions and leaving the continents protuberant; the other, folding along comparatively narrow belts, giving rise to mountain ranges.
  • Upon the denuded edges of the Scotland beds lies the Oceanic series.
  • The Oceanic series is generally overlaid directly, and unconformably, by coral limestones; but at Bissex Hill, at the base of the coral limestones, and resting unconformably upon the Oceanic series, there is a Globigerina marl.
  • The honour of first sounding really oceanic depths belongs to " Egeria," " Waterwitch," " Dart," " Penguin," " Stork," Sir James Clark Ross, who made some excellent measurements and " Investigator."
  • Large angles of slope may, however, occur on the flanks of oceanic islands and the continental borders.

What's another word for oceanic?

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