Sentence Examples

  • A share in tribal occupancy does not qualify for a vote.
  • The Spaniards during their occupancy of Tunis strengthened the kasbah and built an aqueduct to supply it with water.
  • No " occupancy " rights based on continuous cultivation are recognized in Oudh, but similar rights, here known as " sub-proprietary," were granted to all those who had possessed them within thirty years before annexation.
  • The population of the immigrant colony was 792,666, consisting mainly of thriving and prosperous peasants with occupancy rights in holdings of about 28 acres each.
  • The magnitude of the task he had accomplished is shown by the preceding pages, and it need only be added that the transformation effected in Egypt and the Sudan, during his twenty-fout years occupancy of the British Agency, was carried out in every department under his guidance and inspiration.