Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, while there are other materials on the market, nylon tends to be the most wallet friendly, and it comes in such a wide array of colors and styles that finding the right suit to fit your personality shouldn't be an issue.
  • In the winter, combine that same nightgown (or a nightshirt in a shorter length with long sleeves) with nylon pants for a warm, cozy pajama set, perfect for wearing in front of the television while you sip hot chocolate before bed.
  • Nylon pajama shorts are available for men and women, but you'll have to do quite a bit of searching to find a pair that is labeled as nylon and sold as sleepwear, especially if you're looking for a shorts and shirt set.
  • Years ago, full-figured gals had very few choices in workout attire including frumpy, elastic-waist sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts or men's "jogging suits" -- nylon sweatpants with a matching zip-up jacket.
  • No matter how you define vintage and what decade you are most interested in; whether you are looking for boxers, briefs or all-in-one men's nylon vintage underwear, you can find it with the help of the Internet, of course.

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