Sentence Examples

  • On the ground this bird runs nimbly, and is nearly always engaged in searching for its food, which is wholly animal.
  • She stared at a helicopter as it lifted nimbly into the air, imagining Mr. Tim and other politicians aboard it.
  • The thrusts were easily and nimbly parried by Wallis in a reply (Hobbiani puncti dispunctio, 1657) occupied mainly with the verbal questions.
  • Swift of flight, powerfully armed, but above all endowed with extraordinary courage, they pursue their weaker cousins, making the latter disgorge their already swallowed prey, which is nimbly caught before it reaches the water; and this habit, often observed by sailors and fishermen, has made these predatory, and parasitic birds locally known as "Teasers," "Boatswains," 2 and, from a misconception of their 1 Thus written by Hoier (circa 1604) as that of a Faeroese bird (hodie Skuir) an example of which he sent to Clusius (Exotic. Auctarium, p. 367).
  • There was a soft step behind her, and then his hands were on her waist, his thumbs nimbly working the tense muscles.