Sentence Examples

  • Eating a nib is like eating a much crunchier version of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • Today they're double-ended, spherical or shaped into a tiny nib.
  • Thus, in Sumerian we find such forms as numunnib-bi, " he speaks not to him," where the negative prefix nu and the verbal prefix mun are in harmony, but in dissimilation to the infix nib, " to him," and to the root bi, " speak," which are also in harmony.
  • For though we may be sure that the shape Nib fn animal was that in which these gods were literally visible dea Lheir worshippers, yet it is impossible to tell whether some war living animal was chosen to be the earthly tenement of the, to :y, or whether he revealed himself in every individual of a in i ties, or whether merely the cult-image was roughly hewn into cor~ shape of an animal.
  • It was first seriously assailed by Adolf Holtzmann (Untersuchungen fiber das Nib., Stuttgart, 1854), who argued that the original could not have been strophic in form - the fourth lines of the strophes are certainly often of the nature of "padding" - that it was written by Konrad (Kuonrat of the Klage), writer to Bishop Pilgrim of Passau about 970-984, and that of existing MSS.