Sentence Examples

  • He believed, however, that calm discussion was the only thing needful to carry every change, and from the beginning to the end of his career he deprecated every approach to violence.
  • At length granted the needful dispensation.
  • To use technical language, Calvinism holds that sacraments are needful ex ratione praecepti, (merely) " because commanded.
  • Macarius of Jerusalem (op. cit.) declares that the grace of the spirit is given in answer to our prayers and entreaties for it, and that even a font is not needful, but only the wish and desire for grace.
  • They flourished in spite of the oppressions of the Mahommedan governors, and when needful asserted their claims to respect by arms. In 1688, affairs having come to a crisis, Captain William Heath, commander of the company's ships, bombarded the town.

What's another word for needful?

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