Sentence Examples

  • A little boy will still wear a bow tie, rather than a long necktie, and will usually forgo a jacket, but his suit will not otherwise look substantively different from his older brother's or father's.
  • Uncommonly sophisticated for a child's tie, a boys' necktie patterned with sailboats blends well with cute overalls, coveralls, and playsuits, as well as sailor-style shirts and shorts.
  • Boys' sailboat neckties are a great switch from novelty and cartoon necktie designs, and they're a perfect way to trick your child into thinking that he's wearing something fun.
  • Regardless, if you find yourself in a situation where you could wear a tie if you wanted to, never be afraid to express yourself with a well-chosen and well-knotted necktie.
  • For many guys who are new to wearing neckties, necktie instructions are necessary so that they can understand how to select the right tie, and how to wear it correctly.