Sentence Examples

  • Poem but the narration is lucid and interesting.
  • Jared into action by his words, she launched into her narration about the safari animals they were observing.
  • This account is confirmed by Angiolello, a traveller who followed his countrymen Barbaro and Contarini to Persia; and from the two authorities combined may be gathered the further narration of the murder of Rustam and usurpation of the throne by a certain Ahmad, whose death, under torture, six months afterwards, made way for Alamut, the young son of Uasan.
  • Nevertheless his mode of narration is simple and direct.
  • We must picture him as a professional storyteller equipped with a mass of miscellaneous reading, a fluent power of narration, and a ready faculty for quoting, or at a push improvising, verses.

What's another word for narration?

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