Sentence Examples

  • It occurs frequently in poetry, owing to the alteration for metrical reasons of the natural order of words; Jevons quotes as an example Shakespeare, Henry VI.: "The duke yet lives that Henry shall depose."
  • Coleridge, praising the genius in the book, blamed the metrical imperfection of it.
  • The later part treated of the events of the first Punic war in the style of a metrical chronicle.
  • In 1877 appeared The Unknown Eros, which unquestionably contains his finest work in poetry, and in the following year Amelia, his own favourite among his poems, together with an interesting, though by no means undisputable, essay on English Metrical Law.
  • The only authority for the events of his early life is the metrical history of Blind Harry.

What's another word for metrical?

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