Sentence Examples

  • Lumber and Timber Products.-The merchantable timber is mostly in that part of the state which formerly constituted Indian Territory, and consists largely of black walnut and other valuable hard woods in the bottom lands, of black jack and post oak on the uplands and of pine on the higher elevations S.
  • Iron ore, platinum, lead, quicksilver and cobalt have been obtained in the state in merchantable quantities, and there is some zinc ore in the Cascade Range.
  • Red oak, birch, elm, ash, white cedar, hemlock, basswood, spruce, poplar, balsam, fir and several other kinds of trees are found in many sections; but a large portion of the merchantable timber, especially in the lower peninsula, has been cut.'
  • Even within reservations almost all the merchantable timber is owned by private individuals.
  • 49 the necessary proportion, and melted in crucibles to give merchantable bronzes containing between 14 and 10% of aluminium.

What's another word for merchantable?

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