Sentence Examples

  • About the same time he bought, and fixed his residence in, the Craigie House, where he had formerly only been a lodger, an old "revolutionary house," built about the beginning of the, 8th century, and occupied by General Washington in 1776.
  • In 1803 Southey became a joint lodger with Coleridge at Greta Hall, Keswick, of which in 1812 Southey became sole tenant and occupier.
  • 1752-1762) relative to the hire of houses are touched upon in Lodger And Lodgings.
  • Callimome regius, the larva of which preys on the larvae of both Cynips glutinosa and its lodger Synergus facialis.
  • One day his landlady, who may have heard strange stories of her solitary lodger, came to him in some trouble to ask him whether he believed she could be saved in the religion she professed.