Sentence Examples

  • (1889), where he endeavours to prove the identity of Typhon with the Phoenician Zephon (BaalZephon, translated in Gesenius's Thesaurus by "locus Typhonis" or "Typhoni saar"), signifying "darkness," "the north wind," and perhaps "snake"; A.
  • The problem of the curves is solved by their reduction to a problem of straight lines; and the locus of any point is determined by its distance from two given straight lines - the axes of co-ordinates.
  • Also the auxiliarly circle is the locus of the feet of the perpendiculars from the foci on any tangent.
  • And yet theism - or monotheism - constitutes a special locus in the history of religion.
  • The expression " wisdom," as it is employed in the locus classicus, Prov.

What's another word for locus?

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